The Unbolused Cookie

Embracing both the planned and the unplanned.


Gabrielle Sharkey Oldfield

Saturday, December 05, 2015


Arms extended.

Open palms.

Light beams shooting from the stage, 

skimming fingers like a hand drawn through a wave.

Thumping drums and bass lift vocals, 

and push them out over the crowd.

Goosebumps, surrender, a moment connected yet cocooned.


I used to write poems all the time.  Now it is a rare treat when I have the opportunity to write just for fun.  I did this one 4/26/2014 during the HE IS conference in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  The photo I've used for this post is one from the worship team that weekend.  

My challenge to you:  Take 10 minutes, choose something you enjoy, and write a poem about it.  You don't have to show anyone, it will be our secret.